Should Sex Education Be Implemented in Schools?

Calvin's View : This is a very popular debate topic and would like to bring up this issue when strong arguments are going on in the education system here. I strongly support the idea of teaching this subject in schools starting from secondary schools. It may be true that this subject is "taboo" before and rarely even being spoken be it at home by parents or even out in the public. This is where the problem lies, HIV/AIDS problem is rising and there is not a better step to curb this would be schools. These children are not exposed and the response to encounter when it comes to sex. Even parents seldom speak to their children about sex at home. Trained and skilled teacher should teach this subject not only through the Science subject of Reproduction but in depth of what sex is all about. It may be true that different students have different level of maturity but yet they have to adapt to the situation.

Nazir's View : I should agree with Calvin here. Sex education should be taught in schools so that these youngsters learn some awareness about sex in the future (what to do, and what should not to do). In our country Malaysians are too shy to talk about sex and surveys proven that over 80% of parents don't talk about sex to their children. When asked, they are too shy to answer and simply change other topics to revert their attention from that "sex-sitive" topic!

Well, I think we should be open minded about this cause sex education was already available in Science subject's syllabus (by that time, its kinda late to understand the counterparts of sex cause either probably they have done it or worse). Sex education makes them more mature and knew the pros and cons unlike these days, kids think sex is funny and exciting without knowing that sex is not another toy they should be playing with. Bottom-line is, we should educate these youngsters about sex in schools or else you know what will happen in the future.